What we do

We don’t just do we create!

We understand your communication needs and articulate it to bring out the right communication. Be it traditional marketing or digital, we take care of all your needs. We help you explore new ways to connect with your target audience. Explore the market and create some really exciting and noteworthy communication.


Branding has changed over the years. From a process to just make a name and create an identityit has evolved to becoming the organization itself. A brand is now more than an organisation, it is it’s people and it’s values on which the entire organisation is built. We help you understand that and create a brand that is more humane and connects with your audience.

As a creative agency we have worked with all sizes of industries to help them create a brand identity. We have done all types of branding activities for small scale as well large scale industries.


Advertising has changed over the years. Advertising is as good as the idea from which it is created. Idea is the key and that is exactly what we do. We believe in creating that one big idea so we can create advertisements that achieve your marketing goal.

Our team works in unison to understand your brand and create a communication which is pictured as a whole. The copywriter, the visual team and the production team all work together to create a piece that is a whole on its own. We also keep in mind that it is not limited to one medium and is execution able through all media.


Design is art in sync with communication.It makes your communication look good. A good design needs to be both attractive and functional. The function of each brand entity is important for us. Be it your logo, business/visiting card, brochure, newsletter, invitations, websites, emailers or and any other form of communication, we ensure each delivers its purpose.

Web Development

The web has become more and more important over the years. You need to be present to online as that is the first place your customer goes to check and verify information about any company. It is an easy way to get your message and information out there. It gives you’re the opportunity to be seen and heard and also to market your products and showcase your specialty. Web presence also brings you closer to your audience. We offer a plethora of web services from website designing to content writing. we have an expertise in all forms of digital communication, like emailers, newsletters and digital brochures. We also offer assistance in managing your social media and blogs.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital marketing is the most exciting and expanding form of marketing. It has something new everyday and offers to reach a vast majority of people. Being present on social media is a must these days to reach your audience.

We at The Old School understand how tradition and modern technology needs to go hand in hand. Our digital services include an all encompassing approach. From managing your social media community to handling digital ads, be it adwords, Facebook ads or Instagram ads, we handle all aspects of it. We create digital strategies which have a creative bend to it. We execute these strategies, coupled with real time data analysis and analytics for the websites and landing pages to better achieve your marketing goal. Apart from data and creative we also assist in Influencer marketing to spread the word through social media and digital influencers. From coordinating with fashionistas to industry experts on digital media we handle all aspects of digital marketing.

Video & Animation

Video and animations is a growing medium of communication. Every minute you you receive or are tagged in video online. They are the most influential form of communication be it the digital media or traditional media. Our team expertise in making all kinds of TV commercials, corporate videos, digital videosand animation. We work with professional productions houses, known directors and cinematographers to bring out the best communication that meets your requirement and budget.


Imagery plays an important role in all communication. From branding to creating the perfect communication, we ensure that the correct image is used that truly represents your brand and message. We work with professional photographers who have an expertise in understanding the colour and scheme of clicking images.

We undertake all types of photography assignments, includingproduct shoots, event shoots and creation of images for marketing material.